"ILrnMusic2easy"*TM with SOUNDSEZEE*TM which will entertain you, so you can entertain us, on your chosen Social Networks easily!

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        Approach: ILrnMusic*TM shall include the SoundsEzee*TM                                          "Scientific Interactive Music Application Platform" for Carers and Family of Autistic or        Handicapped (users) with (ABI) Acquired Brain Injury or Dementia and Stroke Patients needing Music Therapy, so their Carers or Family can be able to demonstrate the functions, with little or no prior Music knowledge . Also the normal active (user) undertaking Music tuition, can experiment with sound and translate the Chords back to their Instrument, for more advanced progression to their understanding of Music construction and theory!                                                                                                                                          

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. SOUNDSEZEE*TM shall include the 3 MELODY-CAPTURE screens, including combined E-Book Reader and KINDLE view, along with the STAVE & ALL NOTES ACTIVE view which has (3) Keyboard options, as well as the 5 MUSICEZEE*TM Scientific interactive Music Palettes for an iOS release firstly. with a Temporary  Web Link:[http://soundsezee.weebly.com ]Twitter handle:[http://twitter.com/soundsezee] SOUNDSEZEE*TM the "A to ZEE" of MUSICEZEE*TM "makes music easy"  We hope to see you soon on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or YouTube, Sound Cloud and all other Social Networks. 

                               "C-LebLabs"TM- will run inside all APPS being developed:                                                                 by JANSTON Pty. Ltd. ACN 061 089 138. (Australia) also:                                                                               the "WIZARD DESIGN SERVICES TRUST".:                                                                               (C) Copyright Paul Callanan 1987-2019. All Rights Reserved.                                                                                                       by JANSTON Pty. Ltd. (Australia): ACN: 061 089 138.                                                                                 :                

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