"SOUNDSEZEE"*TM with AutisMusicEzee*TM                                     and "C-LebLabs" TM                                                             *will entertain you!                                                           So you can entertain us, on your Social Networks.

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Approach: SOUNDSEZEE*TM: shall include the AutisMusicEzee*TM Platform for carers and Family of Autistic (users) to be able to demonstrate easily as to how these Apps function, with little or NO prior Music Education.                                                                               Simply Tap a Starting Picture and tap again to see the next VIEW

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. SOUNDSEZEE*TM shall include the 3 MELODY-CAPTURE screens, including combined E-Book Reader and KINDLE view, along with the STAVE & ALL NOTES ACTIVE view which has (3) Keyboard options, as well as the 5 MUSICEZEE*TM Scientific interactive Music Palettes for an iOS release firstly. with a Temporary  Web Link:[  http://soundsezee.weebly.com ] with a Twitter handle:[ http://twitter.com/soundsezee ]: SOUNDSEZEE*TM the "A to ZEE" of MUSICEZEE*TM "makes music easy"  We hope to see you soon on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or YouTube, SoundCloud and all other Social Networks. 

                               "C-LebLabs"TM- will run inside all APPS being developed:                                                                                by JANSTON PtyLtd: SOUNDSEZEE*TM-                                                                     [ http://soundsezee.weebly.com ]TM & IPADHARMONY*TM "Scientific interactive Music Palette Apps"[ http://ipadharmony.yolasite.com ]:including the                  *C-LebLabs*TM[ http://cleblabs.yolasite.com ] - *SWISHTONES*TM:[ http://swishtones.weebly.com ] & the game App to be called TUNESOMETHING*TM:[ http://tunesomething.weebly.com ]

:                                                 by JANSTON PtyLtd.,(Australia): ACN_061 089 138. ABN 84 061 089 138.                                                                                  :                

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