CLebLabs:-(TM) will entertain you!  So you can entertain us, on your networks!

Introduction: SOUNDSEZEE*(TM): ] Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube  Pages as we develop the various APPS for release all running the CLebLabs*(TM) inside, after Beta Testing and deployment. Then we will give You the current news to get the scoop, if you E-mail:[mailto:] .

APPS to RUN "CLebLabs*(TM)

We have been working hard on our latest SOUNDSEZEE*(TM) release:*IPADHARMONY*(TM):"Scientific interactive Music Palette Apps" [] which will run MUSICEZEE*(TM) feeding the 12 categories of CLebLabs*(TM) within the Enterprise. You can save your Music production as a protected file or Publish to your Fans, anyone can do it , without any Music knowledge, to make cash for your input Ring-Tones. We have twelve "CELEBRITY"categories  to choose from, so whatever your dream, follow it. C-LebLabs*(TM) will automate into the *SWISHTONES*(TM) Platform at 20 uploads by others:[]  all of which can be included into the Game App we are developing, called: *TUNESOMETHING*(TM):[]. Come, and be entertained. We love to meet our audience, so be sure to *Like* us on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace  & YouTube etc., via all FOUR DOMAINS and you shall receive FREE information on how to participate when ready for Beta testing and you may be invited to use the Apps for FREE as a tester, prior to release.

Contact us here.

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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. IPADHARMONY*(TM) shall include the "A to ZEE" of "MUSICEZEE"(TM)- "a UNIVERSE of SOUND made easy"(TM) to be released in APPLE, ANDROID, WINDOWS 8 ANDROID and any other interactive language, via our "IPADHARMONY"(TM) Brand:-Temp Web Link:[ ] with Domains of [ http;// ]-&-[ ]  We hope to see you soon on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or YouTube, SoundCloud and all other Social Networks. 

                               "CLebLabs"(TM)- will run inside all APPS being developed:                                                           by JANSTON PtyLtd: SOUNDSEZEE*(TM)-[ ] -MUSICEZEE*(TM) & IPADHARMONY*(TM):"Scientific interactive Music Palette Apps"[] including the *C-LebLabs*(TM):[] - *SWISHTONES*(TM):[] & the game App to be called TUNESOMETHING*(TM):[]

:                                                 by JANSTON PtyLtd.,(Australia): ACN_061 089 138.                                                                                   :                

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